iPhone 12 Series Repair
iPhone 12 Series Repair

iPhone 12 Series Repair

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Screen Repair

This is a 30-minute repair. Please note: There are two different screen quality options. The Recommended option is advised for personal use and comes with a 6 month+ warranty. The Value option is great for trading-in your device and otherwise a decent quality screen. For more information click here.

All prices include tax and labor.

Model Value Recommended
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro $ 105 $ 149
iPhone 12 Pro Max $ 115 $ 149
iPhone 12 Mini $ 115 $ 179

Back Glass Repair

This repair is done same-day and takes about 4-5 hours.

Price $ 109 for all iPhone 12 models

Battery Replacement 

This repair takes under 30 minutes.

Price $ 89 for all iPhone 12 models

Charging and Audio Repair

This repair takes approximately 30-90 minutes to complete. Please note: the Deep Clean will fix devices that won't hold a charging cable, or will only charge with the cable at certain angles. Devices with no signs of charging may need a replacement.

Audio and Microphone issues also fall under this repair.

Model Deep Clean Replacement
All Models $ 29 $ 109

Other Repairs

Please note that I offer services beyond the ones found here. Feel free to text or call with any questions.

Repair Price
Software Reset $ 29
Camera Lens Repair (12 / 12 Mini) $ 59
Camera Lens Repair (12 Pro / Pro Max)
$ 69
Water Damage/Data Recovery Please reach out for a quote.
For more info about my industry-leading warranty check out the warranty page.
Other common issues I service:

No power 

Turning off and on continuously

Software issues and much more!