The warranties provided are a testament to the high-quality parts and professional service offered. It applies to all repairs and pre-owned devices, with an exception for repairs involving cheaper part requests. The details of the warranty for these specific repairs will be explicitly mentioned before the repair. Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding the parts I use or the included warranty.

Note: physical damage is not covered under warranty (e.g. cracked glass).

Repair Warranty: 6 Months
Fully covers any potential defects on part(s) installed. E.g. camera repairs will include a warranty for the camera.
iPhone Screen Repair Warranty: 6 Months + Lifetime Discount

Fully covers screen defects and damage. This warranty applies to both touchscreen damage and image/color (LCD) damage. Beyond the warranty period, I offer a repair discount for this type of damage. This warranty does not apply to cracked glass.

Pre-Owned iPhone Warranty: 6 Months
Fully covers any potential defects. 
If you experience issues outside of the warranty period feel free to reach out. I will help you out the best that I can.